Important Note
We've recently added a few more enhancements to the closing system.

When making a comment to a task list item you now have the option of e-mailing that comment to any of the participants in the closing. There is a checkbox beside each person's name above the comment box. Simply check the participants you want the comment to go to. This allows you notify the participants immediately of your comment (concern, issue or whatever) while maintaining the comment in the history of the closing process at the same time.

Originally in the list of participants there was no capability of e-mailing more than one participant at the same time. This has been corrected. You can now e-mail one or all of the participants of a project at the same time. In the "View Project Participants Contact Information" there are now three links in the upper left corner of the screen. One of them returns you to the project listing of due diligence items, one takes you to a window where you check the boxes beside the participant's names for those you want to send an e-mail to (much like in the comments section) and the final one takes you to a window that maintains the history of those e-mails sent by everyone.

Jay Hartranft
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing

NOTICE! If you are using Adobe Reader 9 and you are prompted to save a copy of a file before you can open it the following steps will eliminate that procedure and the file will open simply by double clicking it.

  1. Open Adobe Reader 9
  2. Click Edit and then Preferences…
  3. Under the Categories list on the left hand side of the Preferences window, click on Internet
  4. Once Internet is selected, there should be a Web Browser Options section near the top of the window
  5. In the Web Browser Options section ensure that the checkbox next to "Display PDF in Browser" is cleared with no checkmark
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